Florida Aquatic & Marine (FAMI, Inc) is a non-profit organization incorporated in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida.  FAMI is recognized as a 501 c 3 organization by the Internal Revenue Service.  This designation allows most donations to be tax deductible.  Operations are based in Panama City, Florida. Questions and/or contributions may be directed to PO Box 2116, Panama City, Florida 32402. (850)872-8016.

FAMI primary purposes are:

1. Habitat development and renourishment

2. Fisheries research

3. Environmental Education for Elementary age youth

4. Community Development

Mission Statement:

Florida Aquatic & Marine will strive to help focus federal, state and local resources in the areas of offshore habitat development.  During this process we will work with everyone feasible to collect and share appropriate fishery information.  The long-term goal will be consistently working for more and better local artificial reefs, quality research on those reefs and to pass the information along to elementary schools at the appropriate academic level.  This will allow us to help young people develop a love for and interest in our valuable offshore habitat.

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